How to present an attractive Call for Papers

You’re organizing a conference and you want to create the best program for your audience. You need to find amazing speakers – that are knowledgeable in their field, with a captivating presence on stage.

Great speakers are hard to come by. With busy schedules, they will choose their speaking engagements very carefully.

To get the speakers you want, presenting topics relevant to your audience, here are 3 simple guidelines:

1. Use minimum words, get maximum impact

When presenting your conference, stick to communicating:

√ what’s the conference concept, what’s special about it
√ who (and how many) are expected in the audience
√ what’s in it for the speaker
√ what other speakers have confirmed

A big name confirmed before opening the Call for Speakers will increase trust in your event. A nice picture from a previous edition strengthens the brand.

2. Be clear in what you’re looking for

No one can read your mind. Make sure your announcement is quickly understood. Here are the key details your announcement should contain:

√ what type of presentations you’re looking for?
ex. inspirational talks, practical presentations

√ what topics could be addressed?
ex. management, programming, architecture

√ what’s the presentation length and format?
ex. 30 minutes talks, 2-hour workshop

√ what are the main types of people in the audience?
ex. managers, developers, doctors

These might sound like technicalities. Yet they help the speaker easily understand your expectations. And they ensure that you only get relevant proposals.

3. Stick to the submission timeline

People respond to deadlines, so make the most of it. Set deadlines and tell the speakers:

√ when is the last day you expect submissions
√ when should they expect feedback
√ when will they get the final acceptance / rejection answer

Provide an easy way to subscribe to updates – a simple newsletter sign-up will do. This way, you can invite the interested speakers to complete their eventriX profiles and submissions when the deadline approaches.

Make your life easier. By thinking ahead and clearly presenting your expectations, ensure that you only get relevant proposals.

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