How to create the best speaker experience

A happy and relaxed speaker creates dynamic interactions with your audience. They also become your promoter after the event and can connect you to other valuable speakers in the future.

To make the most of your collaboration, make sure to provide the best speaker experience. As time taught us, here are 3 points that set the right tone:

Value their time and comfort

In most cases, speaking at conferences is not their primary activity. The more you take off their platethe more they appreciate it.

Comfort comes from having a good grasp on where things stand. Keep your speakers up-to-date: send timely, relevant, and easy-to-follow information:

put important activities in their calendar

suggest the best travel arrangements

find a nice and comfortable hotel close to the venue

As a speaker, tracking multiple engagements can get chaotic. It helps to keep all event communication in one place, up-to-date and easily accessible by both speaker and organizing team.

Pay attention to the little things

Speakers who feel appreciated want to work with you again and recommend the event to others who share your mission.

Little details can make a big difference:

when someone mentions they’re a vegetarian, make sure they don’t get sausages for breakfast

add an extra delight upon their arrival: maybe a bottle of local wine waiting for them in the hotel room

give a personalized token of appreciation upon their departure

It’s not over when it’s over

By the time participants leave, your speakers’ social media channels are full of tweets and tags. Any follow-up on the hype is better done as soon as possible.

Share ASAP with your speakers (and, of course, all your channels):

video recordings

professional photos

testimonials from the audience

Your main job as an organizer is to keep the speakers focused on content delivery. Take care of everything else, keep your promises and go the little extra mile. It will take you a long way!


Are you a speaker? Let us know what organizers can do to improve your experience and help you delight the audience. Leave a comment below or tweet to us @eventrixco.

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