Marketing insights to promote your event

In a previous blog post we tackled the branding side. Now it’s time to tell the online world about your event.

When it comes to strategizing how to attract speakers and attendees, there are at least 3 critical questions:


#1. What type of content will be shared?

Experienced event marketers consider the following:

What mix of content works best with your audience?

Where can you promote the content?

What channels do you already have? What channels can you add?

Can you re-share or write a guest post for other platforms? Which are they?

eventriX tip: Guest blog posts are an effective way to share your knowledge, to engage potential speakers and attendees.


#2. What social networks does your target audience spend the most time on?

The illusion is that everyone is everywhere. So you and your event should be, too.

Reality shows that certain segments of your audience spend more time on Facebook, while others spend more on Twitter or Snapchat.

Finding out your audience’s favorite spots, and adapting the content accordingly, pays off.

eventriX tip: Before deciding which social media channel(s) to use, establish what you aim to accomplish. Craft the message(s) accordingly.


#3. What online influencer(s) can you involve?

Research shows that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. It’s no wonder that working with influencers has gained so much popularity.

Influencer marketing means involving a single person in a particular domain to promote a subject, event, or product, through word-of-mouth marketing. This builds trust with your audience and drives awareness.

eventriX tip: Working with an influencer should be a long-term relationship. Start early and consider the following: what type of influencer are you looking for, what type of content do they share mostly, who and how many are in their audience, how it compliments your audience, and what is the scale of your event.


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